Clongill Castle

Map Reference: N835781 (2835, 2781)

View from the south

The castle is almost totally hidden by ivy and other growth. It is possibly four storeys high but the ground floor is almost totally hidden by rubble. It has a projecting round tower on the south side.

This contains the spiral stairway which is fragmentary. A projecting square tower at the north-east corner contains a series of small chambers.

View looking up into the garderobe tower

Some of these were garderobes. There is a vault over the ground floor room.

There are traces of wicker-centering. Access beneath this vault is not easy due to a large amount of rubble. Above the vault in the west wall is a fireplace.

There is another fireplace in the east wall of the second floor. The original doorway was in the west wall. This now gives access to a later two-storey stone house.

There are a number of fireplaces in the west wall of this house with a fine oven beside the lower fireplace. There is a round flanking tower at the southwest corner of this section of the castle.

A short distance away is a small square ivy-covered tower which may be associated with the castle.

The outside of the garderobe tower

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