Cruicetown Church

Map Reference: N796845 (2796, 2845)

This nave and chancel church is about 20m by 7m internally and was built about 1200. Within the nave is an undecorated font and several carved fragments. In the chancel is the double effigy tomb of Walter and Elizabeth Cruice which was carved in 1688. The effigies are surmounted by a head flanked by trumpet-blowing cherubs with possible crossbones below.

The east end panel of the tomb has a very fine skull and crossbones and the north side has one fragmentary panel and one good panel showing the upper half of a winged being with a crown. The back wall of the tomb niche has a lengthy inscription.

To the south of the church is a ring-headed cross with a short shaft. It was also carved in 1688. The west face features a Crucifixion on top of a skull and surmounted by a winged head. The east face also has a winged figure with a Madonna and Child near the base. About 200m NE of the church is an overgrown motte.

The church stands on top of a small hill about 3.5km SW of Nobber.

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