Donaghpatrick Church

Map Reference: N820925 (2820, 2925)

The church at Donaghpatrick was built at the end of the 19th century but the tower is much older. It is perhaps four storeys high with rounded corners. At the upper storey there are large two-light traceried windows at each face. It is probable that these were inserted when the tower was adapted for church use. Careful examination of the stone work shows that the tower had many narrow slit windows which are now blocked.

It has a noticeable base batter. High on the north wall is a carved face.

This tower has the dimensions of a tower-house and the base batter and slit windows suggest that it was built for defence rather than ecclesiastical use. A short distance to the NE of the church is a standing stone.

It is 40cm wide by 35cm thick and 1.8m high. It may not have any great antiquity and is perhaps a lintel stone salvaged from a building. Beside it is a plain octagonal medieval font. Just across the road to the NW is a motte which is heavily planted. It is about 12m high with an oval top 12m by 7m. To the NE of it is a raised circular bailey about 14m diameter.

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