Dowth Passage Tombs

Map Reference: O023737 (3023, 2737)

The great mound at Dowth is about 85m diameter and 15m high. It is not as well preserved as the mounds at Newgrange and Knowth. In particular a large amount of cairn material has been removed on the western side. The mound covers two passage tombs which open near the western edge.

The larger northern tomb is about 12.5m long and is cruciform with a two-chambered annex opening off the S recess. A stone basin lies in the centre of the chamber. Access to the entrance passage is by means of an iron ladder descending from a cage. An Early Christian souterrain runs from the base of the ladder and emerges from the mound NE of the cage.

The smaller southern tomb is about 8m long with a short passage leading to a round chamber. There is a recess off the SE side. The mound has a good kerb and many of the kerb stones are visible. A number of kerb stones and some of the structural stones in both tombs bear megalithic art.

The mound is retained by a kerb, some of the stones of which are carved

Some monochrome photos of the passage tombs

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