Dowth Castle

Map Reference: O026738 (3026, 2738)

This small three-storey tower-house has a projecting stair turret at the NE corner. The building has been extensively modernised with most of the original window openings being blocked or having inserted brick windows. Two exceptions are visible.

High on the west wall of the projecting turret there is a small triskelion-shaped window. Beneath it, almost at present ground level, is a narrow, round-headed loop. The surroundings of these windows have good pecked decoration.

There is also pecked decoration on many of the quoins of the projecting tower. On the west of the tower-house is an attached house with Gothick openings. This is now ruinous. Further west is a graveyard with a ruinous church. To the east is a range of redbrick buildings. These are almshouses built by the Netterton Trust. They are now unoccupied.

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