Dowth Souterrain

Map Reference: O025738 (3025, 2738)

This souterrain is built within the mound of the passage-tombs. Since the closure of the tombs the souterrain is not normally accessible. It consists of a curved drystone passage about 23m long. Close to the entrance a beehive chamber opens on the right. About halfway along the passage descends through a drop-hole creep. The souterrain terminates in another beehive chamber. This chamber is at the bottom of the metal stair which gave modern access to the main passage tomb. The souterrain users would have been able to use the passage tomb as an extension.

Looking back towards the entrance ladder to the passage tomb

Looking outwards towards the drop-hole creep

Looking inwards towards the drop-hole creep

Looking into the beehive chamber near the entrance to the souterrain

Looking inwards towards the first beehive chamber

Looking outwards towards the entrance of the souterrain

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