Dunmoe Castle

Map Reference: N902702 (2902, 2702)

This ruined castle stands close to the north bank of the River Boyne between Navan and Slane and commands a good view along the river in both directions. The four-storey castle was originally square with four round turrets at the corners. The two lower storeys were vaulted. A drawing of 1795 shows it more or less intact.

The style of building suggests an early date but it was probably not built until the 15th century. Cromwell is said to have fired on it on his way from Drogheda in 1649 but the amount of damage is not recorded. The lower storey is still intact but elsewhere only the S wall with its corner towers survives to full height.

There is a spiral stairway in the SW turret. The two-storey building attached to the E may date from the 18th century.

View of Dunmoe Castle from Ardmulchan

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