Gaulstown Cross

Map Reference: O026653 (3026, 2653)

This monument is known as the 'White Cross' and may have been erected early in the 17th century by Jennet Dowdall. It is similar in shape to the Dowdall crosses at Carrickdexter and Duleek, but the style of carving is different. On the east face is a Crucifixion with the arms of the figure being held high above the head along the shaft of the cross.

Beneath the crucified figure is a skull

On the west face is a Virgin and Child and an inscription. There is also the arms of the Bathe and Dowdall families. It is thought that the base of the cross may be of earlier date and the cap may be later.

The head of the cross has carved angels, similar to the other wayside-crosses and a small Maltese cross

The carved skull

Detail of the head of the cross

Further detail showing the Maltese cross

The cross stands at the side of the road about 800m NW of Athcarne Castle. It is about 3.5km SW of Duleek and 2.5km ENE of Balrath Cross.

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