Kilbeg Upper Motte & Graveyard

Map Reference: N776812 (2776, 2812)

The motte is an earthen mound about 12m high with an oval top about 12m by 7m. The base of the mound is about 48m diameter. There are good traces of a surrounding ditch especially on the west and northwest.

At the northeast is a circular bailey about 14m diameter. About 100m ENE of the motte is the low ruin of a nave-and-chancel church. There is a possible entrance in the north. A short distance north of the church is a slab with a ring-headed cross in low relief.

The ring is about 40cm diameter and the stone is about 60cm high. Beside it is the gravestone of Thurlough O’Solivan who died in 1739 aged 72 years. The graveyard is still in use.

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