Loughcrew Passage Tombs

Map Reference: N570770 (2570, 2770) to N590780 (2590, 2780)

This passage tomb cemetery is situated on two neighbouring hilltops, Carnbane East and Carnbane West. Collectively they are called Slieve na Calliagh or the Witch's Mountain and at least thirty tombs are known.

Many of them are greatly ruined and only two are roofed. On Carnbane West excavation of the large Cairn G revealed that is contained no tomb. It has a well-defined kerb and is thought by some scholars to be a type of cenotaph. The other large tomb within this group is Cairn K. It contains a large burial chamber with five side chambers and a standing stone.

Many of the stones are decorated. Excavation of Cairn H nearby revealed bone objects decorated in the La Tene style. The smaller tombs contain a number of decorated stones. However, exposure to the modern atmosphere has made the carvings fragile and faint.

On Carnbane East the largest Cairn T has a large burial chamber with side chambers. Many of the stones of this cairn and of the smaller cairns are decorated.

The large kerb stone diametrically opposite the entrance has a flat upper surface with a deeply incised cross. It may have been used as a Mass Station in Penal Times.

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