Newgrange Passage Tomb

Map Reference: O007727 (3007, 2727)

This great mound is about 85m diameter and 11m high with a megalithic kerb. It was surrounded by a stone circle several stones of which remain. Excavation has shown that the circle was constructed later than the mound.

It covers a cruciform passage tomb 24m long opening to SE. The entrance area has been reconstructed with a wall of white quartz, the stones of which were found fallen around the entrance during excavation.

The large kerbstone in front of the entrance is covered with spirals, chevrons and lozenges. Several of the other kerb stones are decorated but this is the only one normally visible. Above the entrance is a reconstructed light-box which allows the rays of the rising sun on December 21 to penetrate to the back of the chamber. The light-box has some decorated stones and there are more such stones in the passage.

The burial chamber has a magnificent corbelled roof and many of the stones are decorated. During excavation it was found that some stones had decoration on surfaces which would not be visible after construction of the tomb. This indicates that decoration took place before construction.

There is a triple spiral on one of the stones in the middle recess. There are some stone basins in the recesses. Traces of several satellite tombs have been found but there is no indication of other tombs within the central mound.

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