Nobber Graveyard

Map Reference: N824865 (2824, 2865)

In the old graveyard, beside the former Protestant church, is a very fine memorial slab to Gerald Cruice and his wife Margaret Plunket. It is dated 1619 and bears the figure of a mailed knight surrounded by a lengthy inscription. It is mounted on the graveyard wall.

Elsewhere in the graveyard, and now almost hidden by moss and grass, are two other 17th century effigy slabs.

One has a figure in relief with arms raised level with the ears. The hair and long garment suggest that it is a woman but it could be a cleric. Beside it is a slab with a coat of arms, below which is a skull and crossbones, bell etc.

These motifs are flanked by a male and a female figure. The male has a pointed cap. Also in the graveyard is a round stone about 60cm diameter and 15cm thick. It is pierced by a hole about 20cm diameter.

Near the gate of the graveyard is the conical base of a High Cross.

Elsewhere is the head of a small cross

Both sides of the small cross.

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