Oldcastle Railway Station

Map Reference: N554805 (2554, 2805)

The first section of the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) branch from Drogheda to Oldcastle was completed in early 1850, when Navan Station was opened. It was not until 1863 that the line eventually reached Oldcastle. A short distance to the west of Navan Station a junction was formed with the Dublin and Meath Railway from Clonsilla. This line was opened in 1862 and eventually extended to Kingscourt in November 1875. The section from Navan Junction to Oldcastle was closed in 1958 and from Navan Junction to Clonsilla in 1963.

In 1910 there were four trains daily but none on Sunday. In 1904 Oldcastle Station could handle goods, passengers & parcels, furniture vans, carriages, portable engines & machines on wheels, livestock, horseboxes & prize cattle vans, and carriages by passenger train. It had a crane capable of lifting 3 tons.

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