Rathmore Church

Map Reference: N746665 (2746, 2665)

This small nave and chancel church has a belfry at the SW corner and a three-storey sacristy at the NE corner.

At the ground floor of the sacristy is the double effigy of a knight and his lady. These probably represent Sir Thomas Plunkett (d. 1471) and Mary Cruice. Within the church, the altar has good weepers on the end panels.

The figures include St Lawrence and an abbess with a crosier. The reconstructed sedilia to the right of the altar has a very fine fan-vaulted ceiling. There are several carved fragments on display in the church. These include the shaft of a font with good figure carving and a small slab with a carved maze.

A fragment of a cross stands to the N of the church. It was erected by Sir Christopher Plunkett and his wife Catherine in 1519. It has good figure carving including St Lawrence and St Patrick.

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