Skreen Church

Map Reference: N952605 (2952 2605)

Skreen Church is sited prominently on top of a hill and replaces an older church dedicated to St Columba. It is named after a shrine to the saint which once existed here.

The present nave and chancel church was founded about 1341. The east gable is missing and there is a tower at the west end. There is a large window in the south wall and a small doorway in the north wall leads to a flight of steps. There are doorways in the north and south walls. On the outside, above the south doorway, is a carved panel featuring a cleric in full robes with staff and book.

There is some decoration at the north doorway. The estimated height of the tower is 16m. It has a two-light west window. The tower is locked but there is possibly a stairway in the SE corner where there is a squinch. At the base is a collection of carved fragments and a reconstructed font.

Near the church is a short-armed cross with a crude Crucifixion. It is about 1.5m high by 40cm wide and 20cm thick.

The reconstructed font

A doorway within the church leading to a possible mural stairway

The interior of the church looking towards the west tower

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