Stackallen School Pump

Map Reference: N912743 (2912, 2743)

This cast-iron pump was erected by Navan Urban District Council about 1900. The design is found in many places in Meath and neighbouring counties. It stands on a square base and has a rectangular shaft with recessed rectangular panels. There are circular recesses at the level of the spout. The cap appears as a double truncated pyramid with curved and fluted faces. This is topped by a small ball within a fluted cup. The overall effect is of a small pagoda. The name Tonge and Taggart appears along the base. It is one of several designs produced by this foundry which is known more for its manhole covers and suchlike cast-iron products. There is a gracefully curved handle. The pump is still operational. It stand within a small walled enclosure behind Stackallen National School which opened in 1840.

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