Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul, Newtown Trim

Map Reference: N814568 (2814, 2568)

Close to the cathedral is a small church, separate from the main buildings, containing a double effigy tomb. The figures are known locally as the Jealous Man and Woman. It is the tomb of Sir Luke Dillon and his wife.

The panels depict coats of arms and one short panel has kneeling weepers. Scattered on the tomb are many rusty pins and pebbles, which may indicate a local cure or good luck custom. On the outside wall of the church is a tomb niche with a decorated hood featuring a head with long plaited hair.

The cathedral is a large rectangular church with some good lancet windows. There is a large double piscina. opposite this is a much worn effigy set in a recess behind a grid. There is some decoration at the windows and on the doorway which is blocked. A corbel stone on the wall has a carved angel. There are some traces of mural passages.

The domestic buildings nearby are extensive. There is one good decorated window and some of the small windows have pecked decoration.

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