Clones Butter Market

Map Reference: H500261(2500, 3261)

Clones Butter Market was built in 1873. The fifteen-bay single-storey western range has a central wide bay which breaks forward to form a short gabled doorway. There is a date-stone within the gable which is decorated with fine bargeboards. At either end of the western range is a single-storey gable-ended pavilion running eastwards. The gable of the southern pavilion has an ornate bargeboard and a weathered limestone plaque inscribed T.B. The painted fascia-board is inscribed ‘Confectioner CUNNINGHAM Fruiterer’. There are three lancets in the gable, the central one is a doorway with a wooden door, beside it is a rectangular window, now with a wooden grill and on the other side it is blocked with masonry. The east end of the rectangular yard has an enclosing railing and gate. The butter market now seems to serve mainly as a car park.

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