Edergole Graveyard

Map Reference: H615197 (2615, 3197)

Location: About 3km WNW of Rockcorry, about 1.5km N of R188

This small graveyard is very well maintained and some of the older stones appear to have been recently cleaned (April 2008). It contains both ancient and modern gravestones. Among them are some fine 18th century stones. Four of these are of a design found in many old graveyards in Monaghan and along the Erne Valley. The upper portion of the stone is round with small projections at the sides and the top. This gives it the appearance of a small ring-headed cross with stumpy arms. One side is carved a skull-and-crossbones, surrounded by the symbols of mortality, such as the bell, hour-glass and coffin. On the other face of the stone is the inscription. Two of these stones have a very clear raised-letter inscription. Raised-letter inscriptions are not common after the 17th century. A fifth skull-and-crossbones stone is more rectangular with a curvilinear top. There are also several 18th century gravestones which do not feature the skull-and-crossbones device.

The photos below are arranged below to show both sides of the stones. The inscriptions are recorded where legibility allows.

IHS Pray for the soul of Owen McMahon who died April the 19 1731 aged 14 years

IHS Here lyeth the body of Philip McMahon who dyed the 24 of May 1726 aged 64 years

IHS Here lyeth the body of Mary Reily who died the 20th of Decamber 1724 aged 19 years

IHS Here lyeth the body of Philip McLarkin who dyed October the 12 1732 aged 62 years and the body of William McLarkin son to the above who died.........September.......

IHS Here lyeth the body of Dinnis(?) Carril who died November ye 27 1767 aged 56(?) years also his wife...............

Two memorials to members of the McCarney Family stand side by side close to a modern McCarney grave.

IHS This stone erected by Peter McCarney of Cormeen in memory of his father Neal McCarney who departed this life April ye 15 1785 aged 37(?) years

IHS This stone erected by Michael McCarney of Cormeen in memory of his son Patrick McCarney who departed this life December ye 11th 1798 aged (?)

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