Drumsnat Graveyard, Mullanacross

Map Reference: H610307 (2610, 3307)

St Molua is said to have been patron of the monastery at Drumsnat and St Cummian is recorded as one of the abbots. Apart from that little is known of its history. During the Penal Era its most noteworthy cleric was Rev Hugh Moyna who was parish priest for 44 years in the 18th century.

His gravestone can still be seen in the graveyard. There are many 18th century gravestones here. Most of them are of the skull-and-crossbones type. One side of the stone is decorated with a large central skull-and-crossbones which is surrounded by other symbols of mortality such as a bell, a coffin and an hour-glass. On the other face is an inscription.

The above photo shows both sides of one of the stones. The inscription reads: Here lyeth the body of James Beggan who departed this life March ye 22 1760 aged 76 years.

Stones of this design are found at Clones, Donaghmoyline, Galloon and Edergole. However, unlike most of these other graveyards, where the stones have the appearance of a small ring-headed cross, the gravestones at Drumsnat display a greater variety of shape.

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