Blundell Aqueduct, Grand Canal

Map Reference: N643313 (2643, 2313)

This aqueduct was built in 1793 to carry the Grand Canal over the Edenderry to Rathangan Road. It was partly funded by the local landlord and named after him. The aqueduct is unusual in that it is the only structure in Offaly to carry a canal over a road. Canals are usually constructed by digging a trench. However in some areas, where there were extensive bogs, a bank was built on top of the bog and the canal was built on top of the bank. The aqueduct is built from rubble limestone with dressed quoins. The canal narrows severely on top of the aqueduct until it is little wider than the normal canal lock. Vertical channels are inserted into the limestone wall to accommodate stop planks in the event of a canal breech occurring.

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