Seir Kieran, Clareen

Map Reference: N139022 (2139,2022)

Seir Kieran is the site of the early monastery of Saighir which was reputedly founded by St Ciaran about 489 AD. The Augustinians founded a priory on the site c1200 and there are some traces of buildings from that period. It was defended by at least two circular banks of which there are substantial remains.

Set within the enclosure is a recent church within a graveyard. Near the front door of the church is the ruin of a small round turret with part of a corbelled roof.

This may be part of the priory. Around the outside of the church are some carved fragments including a small ring-headed, unpierced cross and a stone with a weathered mask.

There is another good cross-slab and some perforated stones which may be quern stones. The church is a simple rectangular structure with a bell-cote at the west end. The memorials in the graveyard are 19th and 20th century. Just outside the churchyard at the NW corner is the stump of a Round Tower.

It is less than 2m high. About 60m SW of the churchyard is a greatly mutilated rath. It has an irregular shape and is about 30m wide at most. In the middle is a very deep, steep-sided pit. The rath occupies a gap in the defensive bank.

The enclosure may be 150m diameter but this is not clear since so much is missing.

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