Clonmore Castle

Map Reference: N587371 (2587, 2371)

A survey of 1550 describes two ruinous castles in the area of Clonmore. The castle was the property of Sir Francis Rushe in the first half of the 16th century but was granted to Richard Croft and Henry Dukes in 1584 along with Castlejordan and other property. The castle today consists of a poorly preserved two-storey tower-house. There are large gaps in the west and north walls. The N gap is near the east end of the wall and has part of a segmental arch and a bolt-hole in its western jamb. The building is an empty shell with no indications that any stone floors ever existed. There are traces of crenellations but much of the detail is hidden by a thick cover of ivy. Much of the base-batter has been robbed-out and the castle is in very poor condition.

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