Edenderry Castle

Map Reference: N633325 (2633, 2325)

In 1556 the castle at Edenderry was held by Nicholas Herbert. In 1562 it became the property of Henry Cooley, whose grandson, Sir William Cooley, held it in 1622. By 1659 it was owned by Sir George Blundell, whose family held it until the 18th century. Arthur 2nd Marquis of Downshire acquired the property on his marriage to Mary Blundell.

It was a three-storey rectangular tower-house but only the east and south walls remain standing. At the ground floor there are three rectangular slit windows set into segmental-arched embrasures in the south wall.

There are inserted fireplaces in the east wall at ground level and in the south wall at first floor level. This upper fireplace encroaches on an earlier double latrine chute. There are no surviving traces of a stair or vaulting.

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