Esker Castle

Map Reference: N119317 (2119, 2317)

This castle is shown in a barony survey of 1657. According to Mathew de Renzy it was built by the English and demolished by the Coghlans. The Nugents used some of the material to built another castle. It is known that the castle was the property of Owen Mooney from about 1620 to 1641. He was dispossessed and transplanted to Co Clare in the 1650s. The remains consist mainly of a three-storey tower standing on top of a rock. Externally it measures about 13m by 8.5m and the walls are up to 2m thick. There is a good doorway with pecked decoration in the east wall. To the right is a guardroom and on the left a straight mural stairway leads to first floor level. There is a murder-hole above the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Some conservation work has been carried out (concreting) and there is some relatively modern buttressing. Remains of a bawn wall and gatehouse are visible.

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