Rathlihen Church

Map Reference: N235166 (2235, 2166)

It is reputed that an Early Christian monastery was founded on this site by St Illand c540. However the remains are those of a late medieval church. It measures about 9m by 19m externally and the walls are less than 1m thick. The ruins are unremarkable except for a barrel-vaulted priestís residence at the west end. Near the gateway to the churchyard some architectural fragments have been built into the wall.

They include a stone with an ogee-headed opening. This has hollowed spandrels and is outlined by rows of hollowed beading. There are indications that it is part of a larger piece which had at least two such openings. It may originally have been part of a niche or ambry within the church.

The churchyard contains some good 18th and 19th century memorials.

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