Springfield or Knockkyle

This pump stands near a road junction and was derelict and incomplete. It has been restored. Part of the work included a new lid. This is clearly marked Henry Bamford & Sons, Utoxeter. This may not be the original lid. Bamford pumps usually have the maker's name on the vertical surface of the head, quite often within a raised shield. So it is not necessarily a Bamford pump.

On the side of the spout is the word 'HOME' in raised lettering. I have seen only one other pump, in Co Louth, with this lettering. There is at least one other similar pump mentioned in Buildings of Ireland. This pump has a 3.5 inch barrel. The Co Louth pump has a 4 inch barrel.

All the photos on this page were taken by Conor Finn. Thank you very much, Conor

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