Map Reference: N998819

This structure was erected in 1822 by Rev Alexander Bradford, former Vicar of Collon. It probably started as a fountain with a lion-head spout.

The base of the fountain is just visible in the tarmac below.It would have had to have a base for the spout to function.

As the ground level rose the lion's head ended up with its nose on the ground.

In order for the fountain to fulfil its original function a water-valve (or tap) was fitted. The fountain was now a hydrant.

The Kennedy Patent Water Valve Co was founded in 1863 in Kilmarnock by Thomas Kennedy, the nephew of the original water-valve patentee, Thomas Kennedy Sr. It later merged with the Glenfield Foundry to form Glenfield & Kennedy, whose water-hydrants are to be found all over the world.

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