Ballintober Castle

Map Reference: M727747 (1727, 2747)

Remains of the gateway in the east wall

Ballintober Castle was built by the O'Conors of Connacht about 1300 and was their chief seat after the Anglo-Norman invasion until the beginning of the 18th century. It is a large keepless castle with an internal area of about 3000 sq.m. There are large polygonal towers at the corners and the low remains of a gatehouse in the east wall.

The SW corner tower

The tower in the SW corner is the largest and may have been the principal residential tower. The castle was surrounded by a water-filled moat, traces of which can still be seen on the west and north sides.

The NW corner tower

View along the north wall

The castle was taken over by another branch of the O'Conors in 1315 and was besieged and burned several times in the next two centuries. In 1627 the NW tower was partially rebuilt. It now has large windows with square hood moulds and some fireplaces. There are remains of a spiral stairway. In 1652 the castle was taken from the O'Conor Don by the Cromwellians and granted to Lord Kilmallock. It was restored to the O'Conors in 1677. In 1690 it eventually passed to Maurice Mahon of Strokestown house.

View of the SW corner tower from the inside of the castle

View of the interior of the SW corner tower

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