Cloonshanville Dominican Priory

Map Reference: M744909 (1744, 2909)

The Dominican priory of the Holy Cross was founded at Cloonshanville by MacDermot Roe in 1385. It occupies the site of an early monastery founded by St Conmitius who was bishop there in the time of St Patrick. After the Suppression the priory was leased to Hugh boy O'Donnell in 1577, the lands to the mayor of Galway in 1578 and the friary and appurtenances to Bryan MacDermot in 1580. William Taaffe of Sligo received the lease, along with that of Tulsk, in 1596. It changed hands several times in the succeeding centuries. The remains today consist chiefly of the church tower with some traces of the chancel and a north transept. The tower has a simple pointed vault with holes for two bell-ropes. Three of the four corbels at the spring of the vault are decorated with small floral motifs and simple interlaced crosses. Much of the detail of the outer wall of the tower is obscured by ivy but near the top on the W face can be seen a fine projecting mask.

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