Shannonbridge Fort

Map Reference: M965254 (1965, 2254)

This large fort was built in 1804 to protect the river crossing at Shannonbridge. All of the remaining structures are on the Co Roscommon side of the river.

At the extreme west there is a long sloping bank which may have been shaped from part of an esker. This is separate from the main body of the fort by a dry moat, into which projects a caponniere.

This is a salient structure with defensive loops to allow flanking fire within the moat.

Beyond this a thick bank surrounds a small courtyard.

There are barrack structures near the eastern end, close to the river. One of these is a three-storey structure with four doorways. It is undergoing renovation and is the only part of the fort which seems to be in use. The main road follows a chicane through the fort.

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