Ballysadare Old Church

Map Reference: G666297 (1666, 3297)

I do not have much information about this little church. I noticed it while passing through Ballysadare in 1977 but I did not examine it closely. The two photos were taken at that time. A return visit is long overdue.

It appears to be a simple rectangular building partly covered with ivy. It has a south doorway with a round Romanesque arch. This has been partly filled and a simple lintel inserted. The outer order of the arch appears to be plain but the inner order seems to be decorated with weathered masks.

The church possibly occupies the site of a monastery founded by St Feichin of Fore (d.665). However it is probably no older than the 12th century. The Augustinian Abbey of St Mary and St Feichin was founded a short distance to the north in the early 13th century. There are some poor remains of the abbey church.

On my return journey to view the old church in 2012 I found that it was thickly covered with ivy and impossible to photograph any of the decorative or architectural features.

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