Clogher Stone Fort

Map Reference: M663983 (1663, 2983)

Photo by George Barker

Clogher Fort is also known as Cashelmore. It is a relatively intact cashel about 25m internal diameter with the wall being about 4m thick and 2m high. It was substantially restored in the 19th century. A number of stairways lead to the top of the wall. Just to the right of the entrance is the entrance to a short mural passage. To the left of centre of the cashel is the entrance to a souterrain. This is about 5m long and rises at the inner end to a curved passage about 9m long within the cashel wall. This emerges through a low creep at the base of the wall. Just outside this exit is the entrance to a second souterrain which is short and wide.

Photo by George Barker Photo by George Barker

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