Doonamurry Castle, Drumcondra

Map Reference: G746277 (1746, 3277)

This castle is known locally as Doonamurry Castle. An historical reference suggests that it was captured by O’Donnell in 1516. It stands on a gravel mound surrounded by bog and grassland. It may be accessed by a causeway from the south-east. There are remains of a rectangular bawn, 20m by 26m, with fragments of a tower at the SW corner and a gateway near the south end of the east wall. Only the north wall and part of the east wall survive to two storeys.

There are fragments of a doorway near the west end of the north wall. Remains of a spiral stairs may be seen at the NW corner and stumps of some of the stone steps survive to first floor level. The stairwell was lit by narrow slits and a gun-loop. The surviving portion of the tower shows no evidence of a vault. There are joist-holes for wooden floors at first and second floor levels. A portion of a wall, running north from the NE corner of the tower, is all that remains on an annex. There is a vertical scar on the east wall of the tower, which may be due to this annex.

The bawn gateway is situated near the south end of the east side. Only the south side of the gateway opening survives. There is no indication of a structure within the bawn but the gateway is flanked by gun-loops. There are no other significant features in the bawn wall which appears to have been repaired and rebuilt in the recent past. Locally it is said that much of the stone was removed to construct the nearby Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway in the 19th century.

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