Killerry Cure Stones

Map Reference: G776308 (1776, 3308)

Seven rounded stones up to 25cm diameter lie on a slab. Beside them is a small upright stone bound with thread. Cures are said to be effected by taking a thread from the sufferer to the site. The thread is wrapped round the small upright stone. The pebbles are then turned separately while a prayer is said. A thread from a previous visitor is then removed from the thread stone and brought to the sufferer, where it is wrapped round the afflicted part. A cure will soon follow. In a variation of this procedure the thread is passed round the six outer stones separately and then round the central stone. It is then wrapped round the thread stone and a previous thread is removed. Prayers are said at each stage of the procedure. The use of cure stones may have originated in pre-Christian ritual or may be much more recent. In some places they may have replaced ‘cursing stones’ where similar rituals may have been carried out with only the words and intentions being different.

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