Moygara Castle

Map Reference: G692028 (1692, 3028)

Moygara Castle is a large rectangular castle with four square corner flanking towers. One of these is three storeys high and has some traces of crenellations. There are also some roof weepers which suggest that there was originally a gabled roof. In the middle of the west wall are the remains of a rectangular gatehouse. This appears to have had two arched gateways. Lying among the rubble of the gatehouse are two keystones with some crude carving in deep relief. The base of a large rectangular building is set against the north wall. The bawn encloses an area about 45m across and the wall has many square defensive loops within deep recesses. The top level of the bawn wall is wider than the base level and is carried on a row of inward-facing corbels. Beneath these corbels is a row of small square holes which may indicate the former presence of a wooden platform running the length of the wall.

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