Moymlough Castle

Map Reference: G631250 (1631, 3250)

Moymlough Castle appears to have been a rectangular tower, the SE corner of which is now missing. There were straight mural stairways in the south wall. The castle stood to at least three storeys but only fragments of the uppermost storey remain. There is a very good base batter. Records indicate that the condition of the building has not changed much during the last two centuries.

The castle is thickly covered with ivy and much remaining detail has been obscured. There are blocked windows in the north and west walls at ground floor level. There is no trace of the entrance doorway. A mural stairway rises in the south wall from the ground floor but the lower section of this has not survived. This stair leads to a garde-robe in the SW corner. This is an O’Hara castle.

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