Annagh Castle

Map Reference: R829898 (1829, 1898)

View from the west

Annagh Castle stands to full height in the south and west. There are traces of a vault above the third floor and possibly one storey above that. A spiral stairway rises in the southeast corner. The window openings from first floor upwards are now large holes within deep recesses. The position of the doorway is not clear since most of the walls in the north and east are removed. The stairway leads to a passage running along the south wall at first floor level and round the corner to a garde-robe.

Latrine-chute exit in the west wall

There are indications that there is another garde-robe above this. A similar passage occurs at third floor level but damage about halfway along prevents close examination.

Detail of one of the small windows

There seems to be a chamber leading off one of the window recesses in the west wall at second floor level but this is not accessible. There are traces of wicker centering in many places and some slopstones under the narrow slits leading off the stairway. A three-light mullioned window at the fourth floor has a square hood-mould and some lozenge decoration.

The remains of the entrance lobby in the east wall

Detail showing the remains of the vault

Some of the doorways which leads off the stairs

View from the south

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