St Berrihert's Kyle, Ardane

Map Reference: R947287 (1947, 1287)

At Ardane, St Berrihert's Kyle is a small oval enclosure. A large number of decorated stones have been built into the wall. These include the head of a High Cross with some figure carving.

The base of the cross is nearby. There is a large bullaun in the cross-base. There is also a small bullaun-stone and some round stones (cursing stones or cure stones?).

Many of the stones have crosses in high relief, either plain or with a ring. Some of them have carvings on both sides. It has been suggested that some of the stones may have been votive offerings. Modern offerings now form a rag tree.

Water from the nearby holy well is reputed to protect against drowning and fire. The site is named after Bericheart, a Saxon and Bernard, a corruption of the saint's name, is a common name for boys in the area.

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