Ballytarsna Castle, Aughnagomaun

Map Reference: S115491 (2115, 1491)

This tower-house has been recently renovated and extended. It is no longer accessible to the general public. I visited the castle in 1982 and 1984. The photos date from those visits. At that time there was a pointed doorway close to one corner. It was protected by a bartizan at roof level. Only the corbels of the bartizan and one course of stones remained. There were similar fragments of another bartizan at the diagonally opposite corner.

Inside the doorway was protected by a murder-hole leading possibly from the second floor. The wall directly ahead was pierced by a cross-shaped defensive loop.

A pointed doorway on the right led to a small lobby at the base of the mural stairway. Another pointed doorway on the left of the lobby gave access to the ground floor room. There was a vault over the first floor with marks of wicker-centering. A second vault supported the top storey which was lit by some two-light windows.

Several narrow windows with slopstones can be seen from outside the building. The crenellations are fragmentary but good weepers with spouts can be seen on three sides at roof level. In 1984 I made a note that there was a latrine-chute in the castle but unfortunately I omitted to record its position. I also failed to note the orientation of the building. If any of my visitors can help with information or some better photos (both ancient and modern) I would be grateful.

The following photos of Aughnagomaun castle were taken in July 2010.

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