Ballynahow Castle

Map Reference: S083602 (2083, 1602)

This castle was built by the Purcells in the 16th century. It is one of a number of round castles found throughout Tipperary. It is five storeys high with four machicolations at roof level.

One of these guards the doorway in the E where there is also a murder-hole leading from a small chamber on the first floor.

A spiral stairway rises to the left of the doorway. The ground floor room is lit with small slits set within deep square recesses. This gives the room a cruciform appearance. There is a vault above the first floor and another above the third floor. The rooms at the higher levels are lit by single- and two-light windows. The second floor has a very fine fireplace and there is another at the fourth floor. A hole in the floor near the N wall at this level leads downwards to an apparent secret chamber set within the thickness of the wall.

Interior from above

Entrance to secret room

Window with slopstone

Window with musket loop

Musket loop from outside

Here are some fresh images of the interior of Ballynahow Castle by Liam Bennett.

Photo by Liam Bennett

View of the second floor room

Photo by Liam Bennett

View downwards through one of the machicolations

Photo by Liam Bennett

A fireplace at the second floor with modern buttressing

Photo by Liam Bennett

A latrine chute

Photo by Liam Bennett

The mural stairway to the roof

Photo by Liam Bennett

The murder hole

Photo by Liam Bennett

The interior from the roof walk

Photo by Liam Bennett

Some of the windows

Photo by Liam Bennett

Some More Photos of Ballynahow Castle

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