Ballynakill Castle

Map Reference: S099855 (2099, 1855)

At Ballynakill Castle a gutted tower-house and remains of a later house sit inside a large rectangular bawn. The tower may be four storeys high and the original entrance is in the east wall. It is guarded by a wall machicolation. All worked stone has been removed but the murder-hole is clearly visible. It would appear that the inner and outer doors were staggered as at Knockagh Castle. There is a guard chamber to the right of the doorway and a spiral stairway rose on the left. This stairway would appear to have been quite broad but only the stairwell now remains. There is a chimney in the north wall and traces of fireplaces can be seen.

The large later house is also gutted and has little of note. The bawn wall has some large gaps but there are traces of the wall walk and some defensive loops. There is an arched gateway in the south and another in the north. In the middle of the east wall is a small projecting tower and there are traces of a bartizan at the southeast corner.

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