Baurnadomeeny Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: R847601 (1847, 1601)

This wedge-tomb is well-preserved and was excavated in 1959. It is a typical wedge tomb with a lintelled burial chamber and antechamber surrounded by a cairn retained by a double kerb. Although a large portion of the cairn has disappeared most of the structure of the monument remains.

All the lintels are in place and cover a chamber about 7m long by 3.5m wide at the front. The antechamber appears to be divided by some standing stones. An inner kerb bounds a cairn about 9m diameter and an outer circular kerb is about 14m diameter. This outer kerb consists of stones less than half a metre high.

Excavation finds included worked pieces of flint and chert, a plano-convex flint knife and some pottery sherds. There were also 21 cremated burials.

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