Buolick Castle

Map Reference: S261563 (2261, 1563)

This castle, in its present state appears to be only three storeys high. It has a pitched stone roof which is devoid of all crenellations and other defensive structures. The pointed doorway is in the west wall near the NW corner. It is defended by a small round loop in the door frame. Straight ahead the ground floor room is vaulted and has narrow windows within deep recesses. A mural stairway rises within the west wall. Just below the level of the vault it changes to the south wall and continues to roof level. The room above the vault has a latrine-chute in the north wall and the exit is clear at the base. There is a small chamber in the NE corner which has two narrow defensive loops. A second vault covers the second floor. All of the intact window openings are narrow and some have cross-slits.

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