Burncourt Castle

Map Reference: R953181 (1953, 1181)

Burncourt Castle is a large gabled mansion, with a central block four bays long and four storeys high including the basement and attic.

It has four large square flanking towers each five storeys high including the basement and gabled attic. Along the front are the corbels for a machicolation which runs the full length of the central block.

There is a fine central doorway with a hood mould and decorated label stops.

The castle has many mullioned and transomed windows with good square hood moulds. There are fireplaces in the east wall, the north wall and within the flanking towers.

There is no indication of a stairway. There would have been twenty six gables in the house. The castle was built in 1641 by Sir Richard Everard and burned by Cromwell in 1650.

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