Drumbane Castle

Map Reference: S021562 (2021, 1562)

Only the two lower storeys of this circular tower-house remain . There is a doorway at the south but only the western jambs of it remain. This doorway leads to a lobby which was protected by a murder-hole. On the west side of the lobby is a damaged doorway which leads to a mural stairway with a lintelled roof. The ground floor room is rectangular (5.8m by 4.5m internally). It is lit by windows in the W, NW and NE. There was originally a wooden floor above this. The upper level is covered by a pointed stone vault in good condition. It is accessible from the mural stairway. It is lit by windows at the NW and SW. There is a latrine-chute at the NE side but much of the stone has broken away. There is also a large heap of masonry at the SE side of the tower. There is written evidence that the castle survived until the 19th century up to fourth-floor level with vaults above the first and third floors.

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