Kileroe Watermill

Map Reference: S033619 (2033, 1619)

This site was visited in November 1990. It was supposed to be in working order but was found to be in very poor condition. The all-metal overshot wheel has thin spokes and is about 5.5m diameter and less than 1m wide. There is a good stone/concrete channel leading to a fragmentary wooden flume.

The mill is three storeys high. The ground floor presumably holds all the gearing but was not accessible at this time. The first floor has the stones and the top floor is a store. This floor can be entered from the upper ground level but there does not appear to be any access from this floor to the lower levels. The stone-floor can be viewed through gaps in the upper floor. The mill is stone-built with some renovations. It is four bays long by one bay deep with an outshot at the back. It was originally built in 1851 and renovated in 1936. It features a metal fox as a weathervane.

If anyone has up-to-date information or photographs please get in touch.

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