Lackeen Castle

Map Reference: M950041 (1950, 2041)

This 16th century four-storey tower-house has a straight mural stair to the first floor and a spiral stairway to the higher levels. A garderobe and a secret chamber may be entered from the top floor.

There are remains of a bartizan at one corner and slop-stones and hinge-stones may also be seen.

There are substantial remains of a bawn with a round-headed gateway. The castle belonged to Brian Ua Cinneide Fionn, Chieftain of Ormonde, who died in 1588. His son, Donnchadh, surrendered it to the Cromwellians in 1653.

The entrance to the secret room

A slopstone under a small window

Some Photos of Lackeen Castle by Simon Regan

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