Loughlohery Castle

Map Reference: S085238 (2085, 1238)

Loughlohery Castle stands to full height. Only half the worked stone remains at the pointed doorway in the east wall. It is protected by a loop at the left and a murder-hole leading from first floor. The vault above the first floor is damaged. There is a chamber in the south wall at the first floor, a fireplace in the east wall and a chamber over the doorway. At the ground floor there are large recesses at the SE corner and in the north wall. A straight broad mural stairway rises to the right of the doorway to above the first floor where it changes to the south wall and leads to above the vault. There are two storeys plus attic above the vault. There are four chimney stacks, one in each wall, and two gables or possibly four. There is a possible spiral stairway at the SE corner leading to the upper levels but only fragments remain. At the second floor, at all the corners, are small D-shaped defensive loops as well as larger slits. There are good remains of bartizans at the SW and NE corners. A good latrine chute exits near the base of the SW corner. The entrance to the chute, at the second floor, is now blocked by two flagstones.

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