Shanballyedmond Court tomb

Map Reference: R842588 (1842, 1588)

This is probably the most southerly example of a court tomb. It was excavated and partly restored in 1958. A two-chambered gallery about 5m long runs off a narrow court about 3m deep. There are remains of a cairn and a double kerb. The width at the front is about 10m and the length is about 12m.

There is about 1m between the inner and outer kerbs. This presents a horseshoe-shaped structure similar to some wedge-tombs, but with the addition of the deep narrow court. The tallest stones form the portal and are about 1.5m high. Most of the stones in the kerbs are small.

Six separate lots of human bones were found during excavation but only one of them was in an undisturbed position. The finds comprised stone implements, notably a number of flint arrowheads, and a small amount of poorly preserved pottery of Neolithic date.

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